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Whether someone is trying to build a website for personal use or for a business, online website builders can help. Online website builders don’t require any knowledge of complicated HTML coding or other technical abilities. And they are also extremely cost efficient. When deciding to purchase an online website builder it’s crucial to look through the host of features and services that are available. These features can vary greatly depending on the service being used. But with the proper knowledge of what to look for, the process of picking the right service can be easy.

What to Look For

An online website builder is an easy and inexpensive way to create a website. The first thing you will need is a domain name, url, web address, etc. If you have not registered your url yet, then you will need to do so first, please see the website How to buy a URL , for information on how to secure your domain name. Anyone with basic internet knowledge can now publish websites online without complex coding, costly design fees or bulking downloads. But over the past couple of years, the industry for this service has become cluttered with companies. There are hundreds of online website building services that are all striving to get customers, and deciding which one to use can become a hassle. Knowing what to look for and the types of features to include is mandatory when choosing an online website builder to use. And with a couple of highlights hopefully the process can be much easier.

Design: An online website builder features an array of designing templates to choose from that are pre-made to suit the type of website being created. Are the templates generic and/or bland? Is the selection of choice large enough? There are questions that should be asked when choosing the right service to use. Some builders offer special features that allow for extras to be added to the template to make them unique. Some of these features include: animation and sound. Some builders also allow websites to be fully customized or slightly tweaked with basic features such as a company logo or color changes. The degree of customization is unique to each builder, and the level of personalization should be taken into consideration before choosing a service.

User-friendliness: How easy a builder is to understand should be a deciding factor when choosing a service. If a builder is stress-free to master and the interface isn’t convoluted and messy, that means less time spent figuring out buttons and more time perfecting a website. The best service should be one that is hassle free and has a lower learning time.

Cost: The price of using an online website builder varies per service, but the price range is around $9-$35 a month or more based on features. Some of the more expensive services are the hardest to use, while some of the least expensive ones offered better features and templates. Some builders offer different prices depending on the services being used, while others offer one straight package of service. Particular builders that offer all-in-one packages also have the option for add-ons. Another note should be taken that if a website is being used as an E-commerce, some builders charge a transaction fee for every item sold. Most builders have trial periods of around 10 to 30 days that allows users to try out the service before committing into a contract. That way users can test out the editor and experience the features first hand.

Marketing Capacities: Having a website means nothing if no one can find it. And some builders offer better promotional services than others. Certain builders' partner with companies to provide discounts or use of marketing services like Google AdWords and PPC (Pay Per Click) credits. Other builders have built-in marketing tools that are easy to use and allow users to do so without leaving the website and without complex programs.

E-commerce Capabilities: Certain builders are better optimized for business services than others. The types of tools and features offered is a key indicator in determining if a builder is suitable for the size and level of business website being built. The quality and range of options a shopping cart feature has is a good place to start. Better shopping carts are easier to use and have a wider girth of options such as tax and shipping calculators. Some builders restrict the number of products that are allowed to be sold or displayed, and special note should be taken in seeing if this is a restriction. Some builders have mass uploading for faster product display, while others require the input of only one item. To make the most out of time and money, mass inventory uploading should be essential.

With knowledge of what and what not to look for, there are a few companies that are highly regarded and are often used. These websites come with the best reviews and are suitable for a range of different needs.

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